In recent years there have been some positive signs that the economy is recovering from the recession, but the construction industry continues to suffer badly. Public investment in infrastructure to spur economic growth provides some promise, but the construction industry must make significant strides to return to form.

The construction industry counts on our firm to employ a creative, proactive and business-minded approach to solving problems. We assist with all phases of the project, from design and planning, to contract negotiation, preparation, bidding and review, construction, errors and omission defense, insurance claims, surety/bond issues, litigation, and dispute resolution.


Our attorneys understand the intricacies of the construction industry and use techniques structured to resolve disputes efficiently for our clients. Experience has shown that dealing with the potential problem right away often results in a more favorable resolution, and where appropriate, our attorneys frequently pursue alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration or mediation. We understand clients have different business objectives, ranging from recouping losses to limiting financial exposure. We work with our clients to assess the issues and risks before devising a plan to meet the client's objectives.



A well-drafted contract is often the best defense against litigation. Westark Law's attorneys have experience handling construction and development projects from idea inception through project completion. We call upon this experience in negotiation – working to craft a contract or agreement that reflects the needs and concerns of each particular client.


To complete our comprehensive approach to client service our attorneys analyze project completion issues such as insurance requirements, indemnity provisions, performance and schedule guarantees, and issues surrounding LEED projects.


We also negotiate rights relating to unforeseen conditions, defective or non-conforming work, time extensions, progress and final payments, warranty and lien claims, additional compensation and project closeout.


Whether you're the landowner, general contractor or investor, Westark Law can provide sound legal advice with respect to any construction project.

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